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People who view a GMB listing with a virtual tour are double as likely to be interested in calls, an appointments, bookings or reservation.. 360 virtual tour is meant to offer a realistic view of the prospects. We at Maps Squad, we create 360-degree virtual tours that help businesses to interact with their audience.

What Is a 360 Virtual Tour?

360-degree virtual tour photography is a spherical format replication of any given physical location. It is usually made of images clubbed all-together or videos with linking hotspots. Unlike any given other forms of media restraints, virtual tour offers high level of interactivity and strengthens the decision-making power of the customers. In addition to this, it is a more vastly available tool for displaying a business location, location and event.

360 Virtual Tour has emerged as an imperative marketing tool with great impact. The best thing is that you can comprehend each and every detail of the space even without taking a single word about the same. At Maps Squad, our professionals are expert in designing multimedia based virtual tours that helps in scaling the overall customer based and also attracts attention from other visitors.

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Google Trusted Photographer

At Maps Squad, we have got years of experience and in-depth knowledge to excel in this industry. The beauty of our service is that irrespective of the location of the client or wherever they reside, we let them to walk around the place of your business even without steeping out from their mobile or desktop screen from the comfort of their office. Each of our expert and Google street viewer in Toronto are certified by Google to create virtual tours of public roads and private areas. Hire a Google trusted photographer from us and boost the performance of your business through 360 virtual tours.

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Our clients also get added advantage as we have got some of the best and Google Trusted Photographers. Their skillset and 360 degree immersive tour will certainly change the face of the business everywhere. We understand the amount of the effort that goes into making a business look decent so that it outruns the competitors. And same way, we also understand the desire to effectively show it off. With our 360 product photography service, your business will get the best shot it deserves to be on the top of the niche.

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Boost Your Visibility

360 virtual tours is a critical factor that will help you to increase the visibility of your business on Google Maps. This feature will help you to boost the value of your business as customers will be able to see and experience your office or shop without visiting you. It will also result in a higher conversion rate. To foresee how does a business atmosphere look like before entering the place physically is something what call modern technology. It remains no doubt that the power of virtual reality will certainly change the way people used to look at your businesses before. Experts say that a picture can express thousand words without uttering a single word – now you can understand that what we can do to your business. This is the power of 360 Virtual Tours and with Maps Squad, one of the leading 360 photography company, you can rest assured about maximum visibility over the search engines.

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It’s high time to invite the searchers and potential prospects insider the store the way never done before. This is the power of vision and the target customers can “envision”them engaging in business with your brand even before they reach there physically. The best thing is that this modern and latest technology is not only restricted to the desktop screens, but it is visible through tablets as well as smartphones.

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We Offer Virtual Tours For

Nathan Phillips Square
Yonge-Dundas Square

360 Views Toronto Gallery

Enhance the visibility of your brand over the web with our 360 Degree Virtual Tour Assistance. Have a look at the Toronto Gallery view.
Amsterdam Bridge, Toronto
E.T. Seton Park
CF Toronto Eaton Centre
Toronto Old City Hall

We Also offer

Google Listing Management

We help brands to create Google My Business accounts and list them on Google maps. Through our Google Listing Management services, we allow businesses to publish and share photos, and business-related posts.

Google 360 Virtual Tour

Through our Google street photography services, we create Google virtual tours, which is a simulation of an actual location. We make interconnected virtual walking tours and helps businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

Website Design & Development

We also offer web design and development services to our clients and help them to create a strong web presence. The sites that we develop are highly functional and responsive.

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360 virtual tour offers web visitors unparalleled access to your business location without visiting your shop or office. This is how we help businesses to improve their retention, bookings or sales. We also help businesses to keep their clients on their website for an extended period. With the help of full 360 virtual tours, your potential customers can easily interact with your services or products only by clicking their mouse. The same thing will also help you to improve the dwell time of your website, which is a good sign in terms of SEO. Virtual tours photography helps in generating leads and also helps in wasting less time by laying out the details upfront.
If you are here, then you have already made half the journey. Maps Squad has a team of expert photographers who are certified by Google. Now you have to give us a call or leave us an email to hire a Google trusted photographer in Toronto. They will take care of the rest. You need to make ample research and then on the basis of the credibility and your requirements you can find Google Trusted Pro in your area.
The cost of Google virtual reality tour production depends on the type of tour that you want to produce. From broadcast quality tour productions to low budget photographs, here at Maps Squad, you will get a solution for all of your needs. After creating a virtual business tour, we will host it on the Google server, which will appear on Google Maps and Google’s local profile. You don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fees to Google for hosting your files. You only have to pay us for once for creating the tour, and after that, you can enjoy its benefits for years. that, you can enjoy its benefits for years.
For this you need to get in touch with a reliable and efficient Virtual Tour Company like Maps Squad and discuss the requirements. You will need professional help from a Google 360 photographer to create and get a Google virtual tour. You can hire an expert photographer from us. Contact us today to know how we can help you to get a Google virtual tour.

Virtual tours are the latest technology that helps businesses to boost their visibility and it also helps in lessening the burden of arranging physical visit of the clients to the location. With the help of 360 photography services, you will be able to showcase your business in the best possible way, which will help you to stand out from your competitors. Studies show that businesses with virtual tours listing get 40% more clicks than those businesses that don’t have virtual tours listing. Virtual tours also improve the online presence of a business.

During a study, it has been found that 97% of consumers perform a Google search to find a local business. 360 photography services help companies to get more traffic and engagement during a local search. It will also help you to drive more sales and boost the bottom line of your business.

Google Street Views make the business location even more prominent and thus it gets easy for the potential customers to reach the store. Maps Squad is a leading 360 photography company that knows that Google Maps offers a lot more features rather than just showing direction. With the power of Google Map and Google Street View, we help businesses to connect with their target audience easily. It doesn’t just help owners to build trust with their customers, but besides, it also helps them to boost their ROI.

The convenient and comfortable experience that people get from 360o virtual tours also allows them to make informed decisions. The power of 360 photography also helps businesses to leverage the power of passive marketing.

This also depends on the company along with many other factors. It is always good to decide on a company only after having quotes from different places. The cost of a Matterport tour depends on the size of the area that you want to cover. As a leading Google street view trusted agency, we can help you to accomplish your Matterport project at an affordable price.
It completely depends on the requirement and urgency of the company and most importantly the kind of investments to be made by the company. An expert can accomplish the virtual tour photography of an average size house within 1 – 2.5 hours. Within this period, he/she will capture all the panoramic photospheres of your home. And after that, the tour creator will create a virtual walkthrough tour. Here it is essential to understand that 360 product photography takes less time than 360 home photography.

Maps Squad is one of the leading local/geo/maps tools based company in Toronto, Canada. We help businesses to ease their business proceedings and improve their outcomes.

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